Joint Ventures & Partnerships

Vanmark Joint Ventures & Partnerships

The Vanmark Group often participates in Joint Ventures (JV) with clients, as both parties bring different elements to the table. This results in a better chance of commercial success, and a smoother process due to the expertise of the professionals involved.

There are many ways a JV project can run, the most common is where one partner (landowner) who has no expertise in building or property development, joins forces with an experienced property developer.

The landowner may have the potential to get planning on their site, but does not have the funds to pay for a planning application or finance the build of any potential development – Vanmark can assist with the planning aspect and share the financial burdens of the development, profit would then be split according to the complexity of the scheme, and involvement of each JV partner.

Each partnership is unique, bespoke, and individual, so please contact us to discuss any thoughts or ideas you may have regarding a joint venture project.

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