New Year, New Home!

Date Published 19 December 2016

It's not too early to be planning your move for 2017

With only 6 days to go till Christmas we will all soon be planning our summer holidays.
Putting your house on the market might be the last thing on your mind and traditionally is was recommended to avoid the pre-Christmas market. The argument being that people's priorities are different, money is tighter and this could negatively affect your sale price.

But the market is changing. In January this year Rightmove announced that on Christmas and Boxing Day 2015 it had almost 31m page views, rising to 44m on December 30th, a 22% increase from the previous year. These stats confirm there is a major opportunity for the sellers who have listed their houses pre-Christmas as they will benefit from this heightened exposure. Less sellers more buyers, you do the maths.

Unfortunately another scary statistic is that January is the month when most divorces are filed. Couples who didn't want to disrupt Christmas with a break-up will still be looking for a fresh start. As sad as that is, it adds to the number of people thinking about moving over the Christmas period and into the New Year.

Making the most of the season

Break-ups and heart ache aside, the New Year brings resolutions and house buyers are by-and-large optimistic in January and February, looking for a way to add a little excitement to those uninspiring months. Sellers can capitalise on this by creating a cosy home for them to view with warm colours, rich soft furnishings and a roaring fire, if there is one.

Of course estate agents are always going to want you to put your home on the market with them whatever time of year, but it is worth considering starting the process now. Get that valuation, make those improvements and get the marketing photos taken before Christmas gets too close. Not only will you have a nicer house for Christmas (as you've got it ready for sale) but you will know that when the millions of potential house buyers hit Rightmove over the Christmas period your home will be listed and you will be ready to welcome them in from the cold in the New Year.

Columnist: Dale Cox, Taylor Cox Estate Agent. Witney and Bicester. Tel: 01865 959099